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Who We Are

Classic Brothers Mountain (CBM Brothers) Initiative is a youth led creative industry social enterprise/non-profit founded in 2019 with the major core aim of creating space, opportunities, amplifying creative entrepreneurs and innovations among youths women girls and communities Via entertainment media and journalism and entrepreneurship.

Classic Brothers Mountain Initiative is driven by the belief that the creative industry has the potential to create positive change and drive economic development. With a strong commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability, we are dedicated to building a stronger and more vibrant creative ecosystem where youth, women, girls, and communities can thrive and leave a lasting impact on society. Through our efforts in entertainment, media, journalism, and entrepreneurship, we continue to strive towards a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

Our Labels

What We Do


CBMI Entertainment: Is Space for Creatives and creative Innovators. As a dedicated hub for entertainment entrepreneurs, filmmakers, actors/actresses, musicians, models, dancers, and all creatives, CBMI Entertainment. We foster innovation, amplify talents, and provide opportunities for growth. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an emerging talent, with support you need. Step into a world of boundless possibilities where your creativity shines. CBMI Entertainment - Where dreams and talents turn to business come to life in the world of entertainment.


We unleash Media Potential. Whether you aspire to be a media personality, journalist, TV/radio presenter, media innovator, or mediapreneur, we offer a nurturing environment to elevate your skills. Leverage our dynamic culture and seize that big opportunity in the world of media and journalism. We run media and journalism initiatives that focus on promoting responsible and impactful storytelling. Through digital and traditional media channels, we aim to raise awareness about social issues and innovative solutions. Empower your media journey with CBMI Media.


CBMI Entrepreneurship: Your Path to Creative Opportunities. Whether you're an aspiring or established entrepreneur, innovator, or creative startup, we guide you towards success. At CBMI Entrepreneurship, we provide the support and resources you need to kickstart and nurture your ideas and innovations within the dynamic landscape of the creative industry. CBMI hosts an entrepreneurship incubator program that provides mentorship, training, and resources to young creative entrepreneurs, guiding them through the early stages of their ventures. Let's embark on this journey together and unlock endless possibilities for growth and impact.

Our Goals


To be the leading entertainment enterprise I.e. film production company, music, dance and a talent nurturing and promotion company.

Media and journalism

To be the leading multimedia and media enterprise and publication and distribution agency in Uganda, East Africa, Africa and globally


Amplifying creative entrepreneurs and ideas for innovations, solutions and sustainable development to enhance the creating of employment opportunities.

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