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Her Impact

“Her Impact” is an empowering initiative that aims to highlight the stories of impactful and limitless women and girls from various sectors, including the creative industry, agriculture, health, technology, humanitarian work, charity, and all spaces.

Through dialogues, magazines, and empowerment programs in slums, rural areas, schools, universities, and communities, the project seeks to inspire, uplift, and celebrate the achievements of women and girls across different fields.

Children's Journalism

Children’s Journalism is a program initiated to mentor, skill and equip children with digital literacy quality and relevant information to the society. Is an innovative instrument to promote impact driven young creatives, foster innovation and solutions to address poor media and internet consumption and exposure by children.

Creative Entrepreneur Fellowship

The CBM Creative Entrepreneurs Fellowship is a transformative initiative designed to harness the potential of creative minds across diverse domains, including film, music, media, fashion, photography, and dance.

This fellowship program is dedicated to Discovering, Developing, Ideating, Incubating, and supporting visionary entrepreneurs, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and growth.

Creative Innovator Community

The Creative Innovator Community is a dynamic and collaborative project designed to bring together creative minds from diverse fields to share insights, ideas, and strategies for generating innovative solutions within the creative industry.

This monthly initiative aims to foster a supportive ecosystem that encourages the exchange of knowledge and sparks creativity among professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.

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CBM TV, Is a Classic Brothers Mountain Initiative multimedia house under CBMI Media, our mission is to change the media narrative by offering a wide array of channels that cater to various interests and needs.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, introducing you to channels that will captivate, educate, and entertain: Join us as we revolutionize the media narrative in Uganda and Africa.

Subscribe to CBM TV UG and be part of a community that seeks to inform, entertain, and inspire. Together, we can shape a brighter future through the power of media!

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